Out of Area Patients

Out of Area GP Registration

Please complete this form if you wish to register as an ‘Out Of Area’ patient.

Our GPs will review your application to see whether you are suitable for this type of registration. You will be contacted by one of our team to let you know if we are able to accept you as an ‘Out of Area’ patient.

If you are within the area for registration, head to our New Patients page for information on signing up with the surgery, and fill in our Registration Form.


Am I Eligible for Out of Area GP Registration?

There are some patients who may not be eligible to register as an ‘Out Of Area’ patient. If you fall into any of the categories below, it may be in your best interests to register with a GP surgery close to where you live:

Conditions of “Out Of Area” Registration*

If you register as an ‘Out Of Area Patient’ you must agree to attend Millgate Surgery when you need a face to face appointment.

If you are too ill to attend in person you must agree to call NHS 111? The NHS 111 service will be able to tell you about access to local services or, where necessary, arrange a home visit.