Access to Records


The practice has enabled prospective access from 1st November 2023

Information entered on the record on or after this date will be automatically visible through your online account. 

You will need to download an app such as the NHS App, as well as any other online services providers. 

The change, when enabled, will not affect: 

  • Those under the age of 16
  • Proxy accounts

Some information may be restricted from a minority of patients due to safeguarding concerns. If you have any queries relating to information on your medical record, please submit a Medical Entry Query form to the practice.

Information on your record before 1st November 2023 is accessible by requesting a copy of your records from the practice, you can do this by completing the relevant subject access form below and sending this on to us via email or dropping it in at the practice.


Access Your Medical Records


In accordance with the UK General Data Protection Regulation, patients (data subjects) have the right to access their data and any supplementary information held by this organisation. This is commonly known as a subject access request (SAR).

Data subjects have a right to receive:

  • Confirmation that their data is being processed
  • Access to their personal data
  • Access to any other supplementary information held about them

Options for access

As of April 2016, organisations have been obliged to allow patients access to their coded health record online. As of November  2023, this service now enables the patient to view their prospective full medical record. Prior to accessing this information, you will have to visit the organisation and undertake an identity check before being granted access to your records.

In addition, you can make a request to be provided with copies of your health record. To do so, you must submit a SAR form. This can be submitted electronically and the SAR form is available on the organisation website. Alternatively, a paper copy of the SAR is available from reception. You will need to submit the form online via email to the practice on or return the completed paper copy of the SAR to the organisation. Patients do not have to pay a fee for copies of their records.

Time frame

Once the SAR form is submitted, this organisation will process your request within on calendar month


There may be occasions when the data controller will withhold information kept in the health record, particularly if the disclosure of such information is likely to cause undue stress or harm to you or any other person. 

Data controller

At Millgate Healthcare, the data controller is Jane Hill,, should you have any questions relating to accessing your medical records, please ask to discuss this with the named data controller.