Appointment FAQs

Q? Why can’t I see my GP when I want to?

Your choice of GP may be limited as most will be on-call for the Practice twice a week. This means they have mainly urgent or emergency appointments only. When on-call they can only deal with urgent telephone calls. They cannot deal with repeat medication, sick notes or routine test results. They will then have routine appointments and telephone consultations on other days. You will be offered another Clinician if your GP is unavailable.

Q? Why am I asked to ring back on the day to book an appointment?

The GPs offer a proportion of appointments in advance but once these have been booked you may be asked to ring in on the day you would like to be seen. There are always ‘book on the day’ appointments. However, due to demand, these can go very quickly. Remember, if your need is medically urgent you will be seen.

Q? Why am I asked if my need to see a Doctor is medically urgent or an emergency?

The GPs have instructed the Receptionist to ask you this question when all routine appointments for the day have been booked. The GPs will then only see patients with an urgent medical condition. Please help us by considering this when booking an emergency appointment.

Q? Can the Nurse Practitioner do my medication review or fit for work note?

Yes, however fit notes can be arranged by the NP but not signed by them – Our NP’s usually arrange for the patient to collect them the following day after they have had it signed.

Q? Can I see the Nurse Practitioner for anxiety or depression?

Yes, all of our Advanced Nurse Practitioners are able to see and treat you for anxiety and depression.

Q? I work all day so when can I have an appointment?

The routine appointments with the GPs run from 8.00am to approximately 5.30pm and we have extended opening from 7am – 7.30pm on Monday’s and Thursday evening until 8.00pm. You can advance book the early morning and evening appointments. If, however, you explain your difficulty to the Receptionist, we will try our best to help.

Q? Why can some procedures only be done at certain times?

Medicals, joint injections and minor surgery take up to 30 minutes and can require a nurse to assist. Coil fits and contraceptive implants also take longer and only certain GPs offer appointments for these procedures.

Q? Why can’t the District Nurse visit me?

The District Nursing Team follow strict protocols and can only visit patients who are housebound or if they receive a special request from a Clinician.

Q? Why can’t I drop my sample off or have a blood test after 3.00pm or leave it over a weekend?

Most samples cannot be kept over the weekend and our final Courier Service for the week is on a Friday at 3.00pm. Urine samples must be taken to the Ann Street Site as the Nurses are based at that surgery.

Q? Why can’t the Receptionist give out my results?

Each GP works in a slightly different way. Some are happy for the Receptionist to give out results, some like to speak to the patient themselves. Sometimes there is nothing indicated against the results on your notes. As the Receptionist is not medically trained to interpret the result you will be offered a routine ring back with a GP. Remember, the GP or Receptionist will contact you via telephone or letter if your results are abnormal and further action is required.

Q? Why can’t the Receptionist tell me if my daughter has an appointment today?

We follow a strict confidentiality code of conduct at the Practice. We cannot divulge who is booked into clinics. Any older child who shows they have competency to understand and follow instructions given by the GP can attend without a parent. If there is any cause for concern the GP will make the decision to contact you. Please understand the Receptionist is not being obstructive.

Q? Why am I kept waiting past my appointment time?

The GPs and Nursing staff will endeavour to keep to your appointment time but on occasions this is not possible. Emergencies can happen within routine clinics which can delay the GP or Nurse for up to an hour. Whenever possible you will be informed of any delays to clinics. If another clinician is available you may be offered an alternative appointment, or you may be asked to re-book. We appreciate your understanding because as we all know, we cannot predict every eventuality!

Q? Why can’t you tell me when the GP will ring me back?

The GPs have a morning and an afternoon clinic, visit patients at home and have a limited number of telephone consultations each day. This makes it difficult to say when they will ring you back but they do prioritise their calls. However, the Receptionist will pass on any specific time requests to the GP. Please ensure the Receptionist has your current home number and mobile number. GPs will not usually leave messages on answer phones. If you miss the call we cannot promise the GP will have time to try again.